Músíktilraunir 2013, tónlistarhátíð í Reykjavík 17.-23. mars 2013

Tickets for the icelandic Music Experiments (Músíktilraunir)


Tickets for the Icelandic Music Experiments (Músíktilraunir 2013) will be on sale at www.harpa.is. The price is only 1.000 isk. for each semifinal night, and up to 12 bands will play each night! Then the final night is 1.500 isk. on which we will find out who will be the new winner of the I.M.E.2013.

The semifinals will be held at Silfurberg - Harpan (www.harpa.is), on the 17th - 20th of march, at 19:30 each night and the final night is at the same venue, on the 23rd of march, at 17:00.